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Suz is an old introvert who talks to trees, plays with ponies and writes stuff.

Here’s a list of stuff Suz has published:

‘Waifs, Wolves & Warriors- Women in Greek Mythology’, a bi-monthly blog in Luna Station Quarterly

‘A Ranger Foundation Horse’ in ‘Beloved Sport Horses’ published 2007

‘Love for Dionysos’ in ‘Written in Wine’ published 2008

‘Menthe- A Love Story’ in ‘Queen of the Sacred Way’ published 2012

‘Of Coercion and the Cosmos’ in ‘Queen of Olympos’ published 2013

‘The Thrice-Ploughed Field’ in ‘Potnia’ published 2014

‘Nereids and Naughty Ponies’ in ‘From the Roaring Deep’ published 2015

‘Portals’ in ‘Intersections’ published 2018

Accepted for publication in 2020:

‘Athena, Defender of Cities’ in ‘Shield of Wisdom’, a devotional for Athena


Posted August 7, 2011 by suzmuse

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