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re-grounding at Moonshadow   Leave a comment

IMG_0242it takes me about 24 hours to catch up to myself when i travel and come home.  being able to wander solo helps.

all the girls came out with me wander in the moonlight. including the kitten, who took half an hour to catch and bring in afterwards.

it’s staggeringly beautiful. the fireflies are scattered like diamonds in the grass.

when we got home (after a nail-biting drive) i ran out back to say hi to the mares. fiona was way in the back, in the woods. when i called her, her head snapped up, her ears flew forward, and she came jumping out of the underbrush, and galloped over to me.

that was a moment so full of happy i don’t have words.

and just to keep me sufficiently humble, it took no time at all to return to the rhythm of chanting 47 times in a 12 minute period, ‘delilah, quit eating poop!’ later in the evening.

ivy is purring on my lap. marley is curled up next to the keyboard, glowing spookily in the orange light of the pumpkin. delilah is pleading with me to go to bed, so she can.




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