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pears in the moonlight   2 comments

the big cats came with me to make offerings to Athena, Mnemosyne and Persephone at the corner pear tree. marley sat and watched while i poured out brandied peaches among Muninn’s roots while the fat moon rose over the trees. ivy prowled close to the house.

crickets are starting to weave their song into the deep buzz of the cicadas. to my surprise the bullfrogs are also singing tonight. it created an odd, discordant music, weirdly unsettling.

the mares drifted over, lips flapping, mooching. muninn is covered with silver globes, shining in the moonlight. i fed them to the mares, sweet juice running over my fingers, greedy crunching.

the early dew is chilly. the fireflies are done, but there were odd gleams in the darkness of the trees. maybe just moonlight on the leaves.

i love late summer.


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pony therapy   8 comments

28059544_10155276503281546_3004589278357429413_ni lost my mojo with Fiona back in the spring. she tossed a friend of mine and hurt her pretty badly. it sucked that my mare hurt someone i care about, and also sucked that seeing it scared me more than i realized at the time. sucked most of all that the Face could feel my fear, of course, and she lost confidence in me. we had a few really not-fun rides.

i got help from my young Jedi master, Gabrielle, the daughter of my friend Lettie who is also my Arab guru. Gabi is a slip of a girl but has been riding the entirety of her two or so decades, as a catch rider so she can manage pretty much anything she lands on. and she and Fiona liked each right from the gitgo. Gabi has a wonderful feel and empathy for a horse. mine’s not bad, but it’s the result of decades of study and hard work. Gabi’s comes naturally AND she’s worked at it, so it’s a great deal for all of us. Gabi has unlimited access to a really nice horse, i get a Jedi master at the beginnging of her Jedi career when she’s in my price range, and Fiona gets ridden by two people who adore her.

yes, i’m long in the tooth to be a Padawan apprentice. but here i am.

it’s been a lousy summer for riding. between the bugs, torrential rain and a miserable series of blicky colds for me, i haven’t been in the saddle much.

but between lessons, Gabi’s rides on the Face and my own efforts, we’ve had a decent amount of success.

so i was optimistic when i climbed aboard on saturday, despite the heat and mugginess and bugginess, and the divine Miss Fi’s displeasure at working in tropical weather. she showed her ass pretty early. for once my paddock was JUST dry enough to work in, so we started there and then moved to the front field just to warm up. and sure enough, by the fallen tree (she’s been saying there are gremlins there since it came down, although she grazes around it quietly enough at liberty) she started hunching up her naughty little back and tucking in her naughty little nose and stutter stepping her naughty little feet and saying in no uncertain terms, ‘i can buck! just watch out! i’m gonna buck!’

so i put her to work, walking serpentines and figure 8s, pole bending around the trees, ducking under the branches, halting, backing, just keeping her brain so busy with Things that she got so interested she quit thinking about bucking. we looped and zigged and meandered back to the paddock, where she relaxed and i went right into a brisk sitting trot.

trotted and trotted, over the poles, which she did MUCH better than last week, big circles, little circles, direction changes, leg yields, spirals, collected to working and back again. boom. not only did the physicality wear the rough edges off, she’s just so smart and curious that if i can capture her brain and not give her anything to resist, she can’t help but come along.

at the right lead canter, her bad side, she picked up the wrong lead twice and made bucking noises again although she never actually bucked during the entire ride. but i made a cool discovery- if i do the trot poles on the right rein and ask for the canter immediately after, i get the correct lead AND no drama. score!

left lead canter was awesome, quiet and stretchy on a longish rein, two full circles.

cool out back in the front field, feeling like a pair of boss bitches, but at the tree she started jiving again. i immediately hopped off, ran up the stirrups, loosened the girth, and started leading her right into and under the limbs, climbing on the big branches and bouncing on them, inviting her in to play. ‘i wanna rock and roll all night’ came on my spotify so i took the reins over her head and began to headbang ponderously. she found this alarming (to be fair, anyone would) but by the end my girl was dancing with me. we bounced and played all around the fallen tree and in and out of all the others, and then trotted laughing breathlessly back to the paddock.

my mojo’s back.


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