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10626645_10152403902861546_5917634191121240414_n.jpgWell, the photo is from a couple of years ago in the Grand Tetons, but you get my drift.

It’s Mabon, and the last day of posting to the Gratitude Project 2017. Now that it’s time for me to finally quit whingeing about the early end of summer (and face it, I DID get robbed this year), I can sink into the joy that truly is autumn.

As a pagan priestess, I believe that the seasons come when they come, and not when the calendar says they come. And this autumn started a month ago, despite the surprising and delightful heat of the last week.

But today is when Helios balanced Himself adroitly on either side of the day, and it was palpable.

And I’m grateful. Not just for the oncoming joys of autumn, but for what is right now, today.

Tyr and Oberyn both have little Apaloosa spots of autumn color, Tyr’s yellow and Oberyn’s orange-red. Murbella’s feet are deep in her shed dark purple leaves. Berkana is well into the molt, but Freya is still in her summer garb. The woods beside the front field are already thin, and the thick still-lush grass under them crunchy with brown leaves. But the back woods are still towering and green, with only hints of autumn in their high crowns. They, and Ruby in the grove, turn last.

The hummingbird feeder sits neglected and droopy after the frenzy. But soon it’ll be time to start making homemade suet cakes, and my woodpeckers will come out of the woods and greet me every morning.

At night the cool grass is alive with faery lights. The fireflies are no longer writing mysterious runes for me in the trees. Instead they give me a labyrinth to walk as I follow along, light by fading light, through the orchard, past the shrines, to the faery grove. There were many of them around Hekate’s spot when I took the deipnon out the other night. Saying goodbye to them is so sad, and so poignantly lovely.

Jasmine’s winter coat is almost all the way in, which makes the hot days harder for her. But she has her fan, and the vigorous late season flies have a harder time getting through her pale furriness. They feast on her sleek dark gunmetal blue summer coat.

My first baby is getting married in just a week. I’m so happy for him, and for the beautiful girl he’s marrying. Then I go to my beloved Utah for a week of bliss. The quakin’ asps will be shimmering gold, and the orchards full of pumpkins and apples. The mountains will smell wild and sweet.

When I come home it will be time to put away the summer things and get out the tub upon tub of Halloween stuff. Maybe my younger and his fiancee will come home and help me. They usually do. That’s another Happy Thing. If the fine weather holds I might have time to start on my planned faery gardens by digging some wandering trenches and filling them with bulbs, and maybe buy a couple of shrubs to tuck in before the winter sleep.

My witch and I wove some good magick at our Mabon. It’ll be interesting to see how we manage to manifest it as we go down at Samhain.

It’s time to greet Persephone.

All hail the Queen.



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