The moons of summer (woo woo alert)   3 comments

The moon was elusive in Ireland, cloud-wreathed as our visit was, but I’m so happy that the full moon of Skiraphorion, my Rose Moon, my power moon, did put in an appearance or two. The night before it was full it rose silent and golden over the castle at Ballinalacken, lighting up the vast fields of grasses and wildflowers. The sky was so light between the moon and the outrageously late sunset (still light lingering at 11:30) that no stars were visible, just the moon and an occasional bat winging through the bright air.

In the months before the trip I carefully collected rocks, mostly from the mountains during hikes but also some from my little farm, and some crystals I’ve had lying around in bowls for who knows how many  years (I’m fond of rocks.) The kids laughingly refer to it as the ‘rock exchange program.’ The plan was to gift Ireland with some rocks infused with our local energy, especially from the nature spirits of the farm, and to bring some Irish rocks back to the various shrines here.

Well, my bag of rocks, lovingly wrapped in a soft bag and put near (I could have sworn IN) my suitcase disappeared. No Maryland rocks made it to Ireland. I was bummed, but what you gonna do? I took a libation vessel and some nice digestive biscuits and made my offerings (and apologies) at Ballinalacken, where the signs I got back were immediate, positive, and fairly amused. I was at the gates, after all, and Hermes was there.

The Gods of Ireland are not mine, and I can’t say as I got a big sense of them, or a deeper understanding of them, or got any clear messages from them. But I sure felt welcomed by them, and by the local spirits, at least for the most part. There are for sure and serious some dark pockets of energies there, ancient Things that humans are wise to leave unmolested. But the sweet scents, the timely rainbows, the whispers of laughter on the wind, the occasional sounds of bells from deep inside a hedge- the wonder was greater than the fear.

The night we arrived at the cottage was the full moon, and it was completed lost in thick clouds. Nonetheless I had an enchanted evening exploring the gardens and introducing myself, and settling into the warm welcome of Gramarye Cottage.

But the next night, the night technically after the FM, the clouds parted, and I was off to the gardens. I took a cup of cream and a bowl of candies, with no clear idea of what I was going to do, and just let it move me. As I lit the candles in the little hut on the deck the moon lifted herself up from behind the hill and the towering old growth trees to the east, and I was drenched in silver.

What I said and did will remain between me and Them, but I’ll carry it in my heart forever. It was a ritual beyond words, performed in a faery forest, in a land steeped in myth and magic. I stood in places so black I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, my heart pounding in fear. I fell into a thorn bush and left blood. I danced with rustling shadows until my blood coursed and my skin became transparent. My shadow, cast on the living waters and moving flowers, was beautiful. I spun silver webs from my fingertips and tangled us all in them.

Afterwards I slept like a baby.


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3 responses to “The moons of summer (woo woo alert)

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  1. Beautiful. Thank you for offering us a glimpse into your sacred experience!

  2. ha ha! a week after i got home i found my rock exchange rocks! in the ceremonial wedgewood dish which i now remember picking out for them, and on the Hermes shrine where i now remember putting them to infuse them with His light.
    joke’s on me.
    the Propylaios shrine at the gates is where they all went.
    what He wants, He gets.
    🙂 khairete

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