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I’ve been handwriting faithfully so at SOME point this blog will get all updatey like, but this is the first real wifi I’ve had in EONS but I’m also bushed and have several thousand photos to dowm and upload (you’ve been warned) so a quickie will ‘ave to do for now.

I’m luxuriating on the fat fluffy duvet of the giant bed in our room at the Dunraven Arms, looking out the window onto a mystifyingly busy street while David Facebooks. It’s telling that after a week with no TV that we haven’t yet pounced on the flatscreen hanging enticingly on the wall- but boy are we hitting up the data.

The cottage was fantastic. Wait’ll you see the (thousands of) pics. The cottage itself was cozy and cute and comfy, but the gardens…..oh, the enchanted fairy gardens…….. but no. That’s another post. Today we said goodbye to the cottage and left the final offerings to the local spirits and tried one last time to entice the local cats to come have a skritch (declined as always) and loaded up our annoyed little VW (which HATES the rural areas) and headed back to civilization.

In the same grey drizzle that has been our constant companion for the whole trip. The song needs to read, ‘When Irish Skies Are Smiling ” because when the sun DOES come out and some heartbreak blue sky emerges it”s angel choirs and somersaults. Ireland is glorious is rain, mist and storm, no lie, but oh, the giddy joy of sunshine was a rare delight during our stay.

We had a good if uneventful run to Limerick County, punctuated only by a nice lunch in a town whose name I’ve already forgotten (huge mugs of steaming hot strong Illy coffee and a sticky toffee pud with cream for afters) and a stop at a woolen mill outlet where we went a little mad. For a girl who can’t sew a stitch, I sure do lose my tiny mind over textiles.

Adare is by far the biggest and busiest town we’ve encountered since leaving Dublin, and after the wet green fields and forests of Leitrim with its tiny villages, this is a little bewildering. There’s at least three gorgeous ruins in walking distance, not one of which we can actually get into. There’s a castle which promises renovations and kid-friendly interactive displays which sounds like the only kind of castle we’d avoid like dysentery. If I ever get done blogging we’ll hit one of several (several! A choice!) bistros for dinner, and then watch some mindless blissful tube and go to bed early (we have to leave before our already-purchased breakfast in the morning…

But it doesn’t feel like *our* Ireland, which is silly, because our trip started just over a week ago in a thriving bustling metropolitan capital.

I wish tomorrow were over. It’s been such a dream trip, but travel days just get harder and harder. I want to be back on the farm, with my critters and my familiar things. Bonus if there were kids there but there won’t be.

Do I sound whiny? I’m not, really, just catching up with myself, as my beloved Wendy says. And gearing up to say goodbye to Eire, with its fae  and rushing waters and flowing green and alien birdsong and ancient spirits and brooding stone and beautiful horses and enigmatic Gods.

My brother Richard posted today (reposted actually) about his and his wife’s experience here, especially with the folk of Ireland, about which I have all these thinky thoughts, but I’m drooping and need to close.

More bloggety blogging anon. And did I mention the photos?


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