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another deep sleep featuring excellent dreams. At one point I was watching two girls, maybe 8 or 9 years old, riding a pair of horses (not ponies.) they were galloping up and down hills, soft hands, firm but light seats, just lovely, and the horses were having as much fun as they were. I SO wanted to tell them what a good job they were doing, how proud I was of them. But they didn’t come close enough.


but I digress. I have travel things about which to blog!

today wasn’t even a Big Adventure Day, it was mostly a travel day, but in Ireland even transition days are leprechaun-kissed.

we had another faboo breakfast (French toast and an egg for me, Irish buttermilk blueberry pancakes with bacon for David), another regretful glance at the sybaritic pool, and we were off. The Merrion was delightful, if a little too too for a gypsy like me. When I went bouncing through the lobby yesterday in my jeans and glitter and sparkly purple hat the gal behind the desk arranged her face into carefully crafted neutral lines. And true tell, the other women my age were impeccably coiffed and made up, and wearing shoes and bags that whispered ‘saks, sweetheart.’

but I guarantee you not a one of them had as much fun as I.

the footmen were much more cheerful, at least once you got ’em going. I’m sure they’re actually doormen and porters, but the top-hatted head honcho footman had wonderful buck teeth just like the White Rabbit, so between him and the Cinderella atmosphere of Suz in Dublin, footmen they became. The footmen had trouble summoning a cab for us, as the already impossible Dublin traffic was further snarled by a Women’s Mini Marathon (don’t ask me, I have no idea) and it sent them into a tailspin. 3 or 4 of them were bouncing in agitation in front of the hotel, conferring madly, assuring us they’d get it sorted (we were fine), calling and texting and conferring some more. Finally two of them perambulated all of our bags, over our protests that we could manage, out past the closed street to the insanely busy intersection.

jack insisted on waiting with us (‘to poot yer bags in the boot, ya see’) so we spent a pleasant 20 minutes talking politics (trump is not popular in Ireland), economics and weather with this most delightful gentleman who is now my most favorite footman.

a cab pulled over near us and disgorged a startling number of young women, right as a very stiff and proper Garda walked past us. He leaned into the cab and gave the driver a thorough dressing down for letting a girl open her door into the traffic. He didn’t break into an Eddie Izard ‘Na then, Sunny Jim, wot’s all this?’……..but it was close. I was charmed. He was so young and erect and earnest.

there were way more police in evidence on the street, maybe just for the marathon, but probably because of yesterday’s terror attack in London. 😒

But finally we got loaded into a cab and whisked off to Hertz, with another delightful cabbie who glanced quickly in the mirror at me after letting slip a ‘fookin’ ‘ell’ and expressed astonishment that anyone would choose to vacation in Leitrim County (‘ there’s nothin’ there! Everyone who ever lived there moved to America or Australia! Unless its peace and quiet you’ll be wantin’. I suppose it’s good for that, maybe.’)

david got us efficiently out of the city, which wasn’t too awful as the Hertz place is on  the edge. But the poor fellow, although he was feeling better, just couldn’t stop coughing, so we stopped at a nice convenience store and bought water and switched seats. Left hand driving came back easily enough, and the highway is a breeze. We missed our northern route exit, and dithered for a while about trying to find it again. Highways are very much the same everywhere so we were a little concerned about missing seeing Ireland, but it was drizzly and it just seemed easier to stick with our GPS, so that’s what we did.

it was a very pleasant drive despite the rain, and surprisingly pretty. When it was time to stop and pee again and pick up emergency digestive biscuits we switched seats again, and just in time as the roads turned ridiculously tiny and twisty and I would have died. As it was I had my feet braced against the floor and was leaning madly towards the center as if I could shift my side from ploughing through hedgerow and fieldstone as we careened through the countryside almost as crazily as when Wendy drove us in England.

cuz that girl is plumb loco.

but we arrived, shaken but intact, and ever since I’ve been basking in the glow of being the brilliant person who found this place.

it’s very late now,and breakfast is served distressingly early here, so I’m going to refer you to my avalanche of Facebook pics and pass on describing the Castle.

but a word about dinner. They emailed us to tell us their chef was outstanding and suggesting we make reservations lest we risk disappointment. The owners and one zippy young German waiter did the entire dining service, which was somewhat erratic, but it was one of the best meals of my life. Eat there if you find yourself in County Clare near the Cliffs of Moher. Seriously.

our waiter solemnly informed us that we should lay our silverware just so to indicate being finished. We thanked him just as solemnly, and after our dessert (which he talked us into….’creme brûlée iss only pooding, no? Iit’s like nozzing. Ffft!’ With a flick of the fingers, just so. How could we say no?) we stacked every piece of silverware we could find and left him a big tip.

an after dinner walk in the long, ecstatic but COLD summer twilight, and we came in semi-regretfully under the dreamy waxing moon. I slipped back out to make libations of thanks to my Gods and love offerings to the nature spirits and David’s ancestors (to my sorrow I can’t find the stones I collected for MONTHS to bring as offerings on this trip!) but I got such wonderful loving signs of approval that I guess it’s okay.

jeez it’s late! No more tonight!


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  1. This one is particularly lovely. Going to read it aloud later to my Jeremiah. 🙂

  2. I found this one to be particularly lovely. I’m going to read it aloud to my Jeremiah later. 🙂

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