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i have no pics to upload, as I’m too inept to get my iPad and iPhone to talk to each other. So just my sleepy words, tapped out one-fingered. Need an actual keyboard!

we staggered through the airport, exhausted, missing having a wonderful Matt Knight to meet us and coddle us. Ended up in a cab with (inevitably) Patrick at the wheel. He gave us a lively and charming commentary as he drove us into Dublin, which was enjoyed solely by me as poor David’s ears were slammed solidly shut and he was effectively deaf.

the Merrion is practically a whole block of stately Georgian townhouses all linked together to form an unassuming exterior with old-fashioned luxury within. Top-hatted and liveried doormen discreetly whisked our bags away and ushered us to reception. With 5 hours to kill before we could go to our room, we sank bleary and (in my case) still groggy from the sleep aids, into the wing armchairs of the lounge. We were brought heavenly coffee with hot cream (I LOVE you, Ireland) and a dish of biscuits) which was worth every penny of the 26 euros it set us back. Once it kicked in we got a map from the concierge and set off to find the tall ships about which Patrick had informed us.

i’m so glad I was revived somewhat for this, my first taste of Ireland, and Dublin in particular. The imposing government offices (just elected Varadkar, thank you very much) are right across from the hotel. Right down the block is a little jewel of a park, bordered by artists of all stripes busking and displaying their wares. Oscar Wilde’s home is right there.

as we strolled through the cool streets we heard at least as many American as Irish accents, which was disconcerting.but oh oh, the Irish. Prim and pierced, fashionable and bohemian, menacing and enchanting. Smart young lads with hard eyes smoking hand- rolled cigarettes. Gorgeous long-legged girls in short skirts and high heels. Apple-cheeked toddlers clutching balloons and soccer balls. And everywhere the lilting undertone of the beautiful Irish tongue.

and so many gingers! It may be a stereotype, but this is a seriously Titian town. I expected to run into Mad Sweeney around every corner.

we walked across the river Sliffey and found the tall ships. There was a full blown festival going on, delicious smells and strains of music (including of duo of Irish cowboys doing Johnny Cash.) stilt walkers and street theater and one intrepid fellow ‘flying’ on what looked like a water-propelled hover board. We loved it but chose to turn around when the crowds grew oppressively thick. The coffee only lasted so long, and we had to walk back.

And, you know, crowds.

It rained on the way back and we sheltered under surprisingly useful trees, and then it stopped and the sun burst out. We finished walking back under brilliant blue skies, through a city wet and fresh and sparkling.

to our joy the Merrion let us check in an hour early. After a hot shower we went nose down into our wonderful king bed and took a long, long nap.

david headed back out before I was all the way awake. We wandered around the hotel and its immediate environs until we bumped into each other. Then we wandered some more until we found Matt the Thresher’s seafood restaurant (endorsed by Michelle Obama no less) and had a fish and chips dinner that was both delicious and elegant.

i’m off for a long hot soak in our palatial tub, and then I plan to sleep like dead.

More Ireland adventures anon!


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  1. Dear Suze,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. Ireland is the place I most long to visit, maybe even move to someday, in the whole world. Your descriptions brought it vividly to me, here in the pre-dawn stillness of an Iowa summer morning.

    Love and admiration,

    PS Sweet memories of meeting in that museum in Santa Fe.

  2. Wow, thank you! I’m so glad my maunderings touched you, you made my day!
    Have we met? I’ve never been to Santa Fe.

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