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i like to have the Iasonia totally free to focus on it for a full day, but it just wasn’t happening this year. i’ve been trying to work a trial run of a live FB mini-ritual in since before the Elaphebolia, and just haven’t had a free few hours until today. so i worked until 2, then set up a belated Elaphebolia altar in the orchard, had it rained on, hastily re-set it up inside, and started just a minute or two late. it didn’t go badly overall, as these things go.┬ámost people liked it fine, a couple liked it a lot, and a vocal couple not at all.

as is my wont, i spent too much time this evening chewing on that. i remember getting critiques on my classes when i was at FCC, and i’d skip right over a dozen glowing ones and cling grimly to one or two meh ones. my kids rolled their eyes, and rightly so.

once i smoothed my feathers and remembered that, oh yeah, only one Being had to be pleased with that ritual, and if She wasn’t, i’ll work it out personally. but you can’t ever please everyone with public ritual (especially clumsy social media attempts.)

by the time evening rolled around and i had the time and privacy to do my beloved Iasonia ritual, i was exhausted.

but also excited at finally having the time and privacy to get back to it, just me and Them.

it wasn’t one of the more deep and resonant rituals. i was just too tired and petulant to let go and sink down. but boy, was it good to stand under the fitful moonlight, leaning against Tyr. he and the plum tree are in full bloom, the rest of them still budding. too chilly tonight for the peepers, but it felt marvelous, exciting and fresh.

made the offerings. said the prayers. so much gratitude.

even the fury and petulance make sense, Artemis tells me. once i remember to love her unconditionally but not do the dance with her, it changes. stupid little girl. wild, like Her.

more about her than the blue-eyed Iason this year. that’s okay too.



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