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One really tries to remain open and receptive, to keep the cultus fresh and alive and vibrant. So when things get unexpectedly wonky, it really shouldn’t be unexpected, I guess. But sometimes it still knocks you sideways.

I was cleaning my Apollon shrine on the 7th of Boidromion, as one does. I confess I don’t always get to the shrines on exactly their correct day, although they do all get cleaned every moon phase, but I was on target this day and just lumping along happily and not one bit attuned to any thunderclouds. I did, in retrospect, have a moment of ‘This may not be too bright’ as I set the statues of Apollon and Dionysos on the weight bench, but I waggled them and they seemed steady enough, and hey, I was only going to be gone a second to grab the furniture polish and cloth.

On my way back in I saw a bigass spider scuttling across the floor, as it happens right in front of the Athena shrine. The cats were perking up, so I ran to get the humane catcher, and I guess the vibrations of my large-ish self thumping on the floor was enough to do it. The statues both crashed to the floor. Dionysos doesn’t have a scratch on him. But my beautiful, beloved statue of Apollon shattered beyond any hope of repair.

I got the spider outside and then sat for a while among the wreckage, too stunned to react. Finally I got the broom, and as I was sweeping, realized the shield was still intact. I picked it up and put in on the shrine, wondering if it could stay there as a remnant of the beauty that was now in shards all around me. I noticed the hand was still attached, and picked it up to take a closer look. It slipped out of my hands and crashed, hard, onto the piano keys, with more force than seemed possible.

Okay, so no.

As omens go, this is about as dire as it gets.

Being way too close, and too shaken, I didn’t even try to divineĀ this one myself, and called on a mantis whom I trust, and the response was less awful than I feared.

But you don’t take this kind of portent lightly, if you’re a portent-heeding sort, and I am. So I’m taking a lot more notes than usual, in addition to this less detailed more public blogging thing, and proceeding a lot more mindfully.

I’ve got a gorgeous cut-glass lotus where the statue used to stand. Dio is elsewhere. Artemis is still there. The shrine is still beautiful, but the absence of that statue hits me like a hard slap every single time I approach it.

I’m sorry I listen so poorly that He had to do something like that to get me to pay better attention.

As a lead-in to the Mysteries, which start later this week, and will this year be deeply focused on cleansing, purity and protection, it’s a big Slap Yo Priestess and Get Her Focused moment.

A big hawk flew over me and my coffee this morning, crying loudly and repeatedly. Still pondering that one. Any ornithomancers who might like to chime in will be heeded carefully.





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  1. I’m not very good at the augury thing, but I do know that hawks are often associated with Apollon.

  2. i really think this one was. i usually think Hermes when i see a hawk, but this one was huge, and very very insistent on being heard. and…er…..right after the statue incident.
    :X khairete

  3. I have always heard the Hawks crying above me (we have two that nest in the woods behind my property) as saying “keep your eyes open!”

  4. thank you! and i am.

  5. WOW! This is what I call major. (Athena is in this too — remember the big-ass spider She sent you.) You will definitely need to work on your relationship with Apollon. I don’t know what He wants from you now; but, it seems that there is something coming up there. He caused His old statue to be removed, so there are changes.
    Recently in the bird world I’ve only had close encounters with turkeys and turkey vultures! A few winters ago we actually had a flock of 6 or 7 old world (French) vultures picking over the carcass of a very dead coyote. These are the vultures with fuzzy grey heads and necks and a white fringe at the base of their necks. How they ever got over here to Connecticut I’ll never know. I’ve never seen them again.

  6. I almost forgot about “he big-assed spider” again. I’ve been thinking about her for a while now. I am really getting the feeling that Apollon and Athena are basically telling you to cutback on your cultus to Apollon and to increase (quite a bit, I would say) your cultus to Athena. I was not as obvious with me when Artemis handed me over to Athena when I was in college. I just felt the energy shift.

    • i’ll certainly give that some serious consideration. neither are the primary focuses of my cultus, although i love them both dearly and do worship them regularly.
      i experienced a similar shift to the one you’re describing, years ago now, when Dio gently shoved me over to Hermes. i was so grateful when Dionysos returned to a more robust presence again in my life, but i guess i needed him to step back loudly in order to understand a shift was occurring.
      this could well be something similar,

  7. I’m glad you consulted a mantis (i wouldn’t have read on this for myself either!) and that it wasn’t as dire as you feared.

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