Logios ruminations   4 comments

i am basically very lazy, and low energy, and i keep avoiding the Work. over and over.

there’s no excuse for it.

so last night, as i walked through the dry prickly grass to bring my offerings to His herm, i asked how i could reconnect. get back to Him. take up the mantle (and the pen) again. told Him how mortified i am for being such a schlub.

and all i got back was love. joy that i’m ‘back.’ no pejorative judgment whatsoever.

and naturally, to get back to the Work. but not with any feeling of eye-rolling, or tight divine lips, or hands on divine hips. just love.

how does one even begin to repay such generosity? such complete and untrammeled acceptance?

actually, He answered that too.

i don’t understand how anyone could experience the Theoi and walk away. ever.

and as i stepped away from the herm, His last whisper to me was ‘I am all things for you.’ or maybe ‘I am all things to you.’ very (typically) slippery of Him, as they mean quite different things, don’t they?





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4 responses to “Logios ruminations

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  1. ❤ Hail Hermes! Hail the Theoi!

    Your first sentence applies to me too. Hugs.

  2. I think it’s a struggle even for the most hard-working of us, all our lives long. There’s always resistance. And if that’s not true, I will tell myself that anyway to make myself feel better. 😛 And I am often totally overwhelmed by Their generosity, when I’ve done so little in return. They are truly amazing and awesome(in both senses of the word).

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