Triumph of the Moon – Book Review   1 comment

i really love this review of a book i loved. i think sean nails it, especially the growing tendency within wicca (at least from the very limited amount i see these days, not being on any wiccan lists or groups), to accept what used to be *history* as mythos.
that’s not a slam. but everyone from chaucer to geoffrey of monmouth to graves to gardner have felt the need to ‘legitimize’ their divine inspirations by hanging a false History sign on them.
no need for it. it matters not one whit if your own personal divine communications don’t mean squat to anyone else. but if they strike a chord, and something new and beautiful grows from it…….
well, that’s nature. not monsanto.
🙂 khairete


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  1. Thanks Suz. I love Hutton’s “revived religion” notion. I have long said that I am a revivalist, not a reconstructionist. Now I have some academic context to go with that statement 🙂

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