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After several days of brutal, terrible cold and wind, it was wonderful to wake on the morning of the Theogamia, on the day where I focus primarily on Zeus, to a day of brilliant sunshine, perfect blue skies and sparkling new snow. The Berkana birch tree was full of cardinals, snowbirds and a gorgeous Zeus-y male pileated woodpecker. My spirits lifted even before the coffee was brewed.

So in addition to the usual libations and offerings, I decided to prepare a Theogamia Theoxenia.

And it was awesome.

I’ve been sort of heavy and dreary and slow lately, what with not being able to get to run (okay, being too wimpy to gear up and run), and the wind chills down to -30, and the soul-sapping endless cloudiness. I love a rainy day, and winter storms, but I’ve been fairly desperate to get some sun on my face, and this morning put the pizazz back in my step. It was certainly cold, but no wind, and the snow dazzled with diamonds when I went out to feed the birds. The mares were so eager to get out that Nik didn’t even finish her breakfast. All four feed cans were scraping bottom at the same time (which almost never happens!) so I had to tote 250lbs of feed out to the barn through the snow, and I didn’t mind a bit. The girls trotted out like sprightly young fillies, the stalls were surprisingly easy to clean despite how full of muck they were, and even the ice in the water buckets came sliding out obligingly.

I had the frying pan and eggs ready to go when I got back in, and the coffee set to brew. After a practical wash, then ritual lustration, I found myself almost dancing around the kitchen, selecting just the right plate and libation vessels, a beautiful picture from the ‘net to download, setting up the flowers and picking the best out-of-season strawberry and perfect confections with which to garnish the plate.

Standing in the sun, reading the Homeric Hymns, smelling the jasmine incense, watching the birds feast on a new suet cake while the smell of fresh-brewed coffee filled the kitchen, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for my own amazing marriage and partner, and the subtle joys of middle age and falling back in love with my ardent young lover in his mature guise. The blessings, the outpouring of blessings and love, my kitchen was awash in them.

After a brisk walk in the winter sunshine I poured out the libations in a mingled stream into the snow, then took the food offering to a fencepost on the boundary between the orchard and the front pasture, to symbolize the boundary between states that Hera represents to me. Facing the woods whence He often comes to join to me, I spiraled up into ekstasis, feeling the mortal coil loosen, and my psyche soar into lightness. I always pray when I’m in that state that I can take it with me, that the memory be so vivid and real that I can step back into it at Will, but thus far I can’t. I can remember what I thought, and that it was incredible, but I can’t seem to imprint the sensation sufficiently deeply that I can wrap it around myself again.

But I love that I get there sometimes. I love that today I had a whole day to spend in ritual space, and it seems to be then, when I sink into it for a prolonged time, that I can achieve it. And the more I can achieve it, the more I can vibrate to the song of the Divine, and dance with my Gods.

I loved today.

And I’ve got more ritual to do tonight. Tonight it’s the ritual to both of the Divine Couple, on this starbright night that spans both of their dedicated days for this festival. I’ve got another meal to offer Them, more libations, more prayers, and there will be dancing. Tomorrow, the first day of moondark, is Hera’s.

This festival is gaining importance in my annual round of observances. It’s wonderful to have this, and the Lenaia, and the upcoming (and often difficult) Anthesteria, to look forward to during the dark and often dreary tag-end of winter. Work hasn’t started yet, nor the necessities of the planting season, and these festivals are what lift me out of the stasis of January to start preparing for action again.

Happy Theogamia!


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