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so, i’m going to throw this out there and see what happens. it’s the sort of thing i rarely see discussed in the greater pagan world, and certainly not much in the polytheist one. at least not in much of a realistic fashion.

how do you know with whom you’re communicating?

i’ve been asked this, and answered confidently that the various gods of my acquaintance and a few other beings and spirits have voices as distinctive and recognizable as yours. and honestly, i think this IS usually the case. if you’re doing regular ritual, praying and just plain yakking on a daily basis, doing some basic research and most of all, paying attention, i think that even those who are basically thick (as i am) can usually tell Who’s there. if you’re in deep ritual and Thoughts are coming to you limned in light, or resonating like a bass drum, or whirling on an Otherworldly wind, you’re likely to ascribe the communications correctly to the God(s) (or ancestors or what have you) to whom you’ve dedicated the ritual, and crafted the invitational songs or incantations or epithets or simple prayers.


and even when i’m blammed out of the blue with an epiphany unasked, there’s a particular feel that divine communications tend to have that help me differentiate them from random suz thoughts (even brilliant ones, which i do sometimes have. i DO.)

i think. maybe.


and the gods who are the main focus of my regular cultus really do have such unique voices (not really voices, but not sure how else to describe them) that i can generally tell fairly easily whether this or that directive or inspiration or warm fuzzy is from Demeter or Hermes or Hera. and certainly if i’m making offerings to a particular god or spirit, or noodling around in the vicinity of their shrine or dedicated area, that’s who i assume is knocking at my psyche.

but a few things have happened recently that have me questioning my confidence. not always. not even often. but sometimes i’m not sure that the things that have happened are actually being caused by Whom i thought they were.

i’m doing my own poking and investigating, and will almost certainly seek out some other mantic feedback at some point (my own readings for myself have been awesome lately after a long dry spell, but this is too close- i need objectivity.) but while i’m in this exploratory phase, i’d be very interested in hearing from others whether or not this has ever occurred to them, and how they handled it.

i’m not trying to be all oooo enigmatic, just don’t want to give too much info because that tends to color the responses. i’ll probably post more fully on it at some point, if given the go-ahead to do so.

anyone care to share their experiences with me?





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