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summer’s end   2 comments

the mares are turned out in the locust grove these days, as our cool damp august draws to a close. it’s a small field, with too many thorn locusts and no flat areas, but there’s lots of shade, and the grass is lush this summer. a little too lush for Jasmine the Fat, but they don’t spend much time out there. surprisingly, they prefer the thin grass and unshielded sun of the paddock, retreating to the barn when they want to nap in the shade. 

they didn’t come in the other night, when i went out to feed on moondark, around 10 or 11. so i knew where they were, and sighed, and set out to bring them in. sometimes they wander out to graze in the grove at dusk. there’s a long narrow leg that leads to the grove itself, past the paddock on one side and the acre of deep woods on the other, the woods i’ve given over to the spirits and fae, other than the obscure, ever-shifting path to the telesterion which i visit only a few times per year. at the place where the grove opens up there’s a low-hanging tree, i’m not sure what kind. it’s hard to tell because it’s so thickly overgrown with wild grapevine, and it’s one of Dionysos’s favorite places to scare me. the vines hang down, and stroke your face, and grasp your shoulders and bare arms, and cling, tickling like spiders. maybe they are spiders. the mares go out willingly enough when it’s light and they can see, but then it gets dark and they too don’t like to walk through the webs, so they wait out there for me, silent as spirits, and when i trudge up to them they pretend they didn’t know i was looking for them. i take their flymasks off, and they snort and move off toward the cozily-lit barn. nik usually flicks her tail and gallops through the low vines, shaking her head in irritation. jaz follows more sedately, careful with her blind side. 

on moondark the grass was cool and long and spangled with dew. the mares were still and silent at the very farthest corner of the grove, and the night was so hushed and holy that i couldn’t bear to shatter it by calling to them, so i approached Dio’s tree, head down, flinching, hands out in anticipation of the dangly bits. and that’s when i saw that the grass was full of gleams and glimmers, not just a few, but hundreds. autumn always brings the heart-wrenching sadness of dying fireflies, but i’ve never seen them in august, and never in these numbers. 

i made my way through the spangled grove, elated and heartbroken. the beauty was unbearable. the mares met me, nosed at me, stood while i took their masks off, and then moved off carefully, as if they were shy about crushing the tiny lights flickering around their hooves.

i followed them back through the locusts, through the webs of grapevine. it was like walking in a field of stars. 




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thalusia, karneia, full moon   2 comments

last year at the conjunction of these three i got some really interesting visuals- the clouds formed a claddagh, then an eagle crowned with the moon disc. i also got that both the thalusia and the karneia are principally dionysian, with demeter influencing the thalusia, and apollon the karneia. 

this seemed vibratingly important at the time, and i felt as if these insights would come together to make this year’s observations much deeper and richer. 

but frustratingly, while i still feel they were divine communications meant to help me move along, i’m no closer this year to understanding them.

so, i’ll lump along out there, and pray, and make offerings, and dance and dance and dance.

maybe it’ll come clear.



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