Nereids and Naughty Ponies   Leave a comment



Ponies running, wild and cunning, racing, racing to the shore.

Girls are riding, deftly guiding, fighting to be at the fore.


Girls are giggling, shrieking, wriggling, urging on their milk-white steeds.

Teasing, taunting, brazen flaunting, daring death-defying deeds.


Ponies fighting, kicking, biting, wicked eyes are gleaming green,

Now they’re dashing, rearing, crashing, smash themselves to smithereens.


In the water, Ocean’s daughters, flounder breathless in the foam.

Amphitrite, lovely, mighty, smiles and calls her children home.


Ponies shattered, sleek forms scattered, sucked back out into the sea.

Nereids follow, lazy wallow, floating in the waves’ debris.


Bodies swirling, forming, firming, gleaming flanks and tossing manes,

Waves are growing, green and flowing, laughing girls will ride again.


Now it’s shoreward, gallop forward, nereids and ponies too.

Endless turning, green waves churning, babies of Poseidon’s blue. 


Posted May 31, 2013 by suzmuse in Uncategorized

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